Although graveyards and the stones in them have always held great historical significance, it has not been until the last couple of decades that they have achieved a greater respect from the general populous. With the growth in genealogy research, civil war and revolutionary war interests and an overall mission to reach a greater understanding of our roots, burial grounds have become a gold mine of otherwise lost and forgotten information.

Unfortunately time has taken its toll on our heritage etched in stone. What was once thought to be a nearly permanent material, has proved to be far from impervious to the many unforeseen factors in an outdoor environment. Acid rain, neglect, vandalism, general weathering, erosion, as well as the proliferation of land development and urban sprawl, have all played a significant roll in the destruction, and loss of context of our historic burial places.


We as a nation can not stop progress or undue the past, but we can make a concerted effort in an attempt to protect what remains of our history in stone. The premise of this website is to formulate a basic historical perspective on the history of memorials in Colonial America. In turn an understanding will be developed on the transformation which took place as we became an industrialized nation.

Gravestone conservation and historic stone preservation has become the art and science of preserving all we can of our heritage carved in stone. By conserving historic gravestones, we help preserve that stone for future generations and for ourselves see a glimpse of the past.