[Handheld] T100V Sprayer/Mister - 1.5 Liter-Smith Sprayers-Atlas Preservation

[Handheld] T100V Sprayer/Mister - 1.5 Liter

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Compression Sprayer

  • 1.5 Liter capacity compression mister.
  • Featuring Viton® seals for maximum durability.
  • Integrated graduated fill marks.
  • Ergonomic handle design for maximum comfort.
  • Pressure relief valve automatically opens at 25 psi to prevent over compression.
  • Pressure can be manually released prior to opening to prevent chemicals from spraying out from the tank.
  • Weighted dip tube allows for continuous fluid flow when bottle is used at various angles.

Product Features

  • This sprayer features a tiny compression pump capable of 25 PSI.
  • Use the ergonomic pump on top to pressurize, then depress thumb trigger to release.
  • No hand fatigue.
  • Like its bigger cousin, this sprayer also has a pressure relief valve that can be released prior to removal of the pump.
  • This smaller sized sprayer works well for tight coverage and spot treatments.
  • Brass nozzle adjusts from cone to stream to handle different applications.