Pry Bar Aluminium, with Pinch Point 59"-Hultafors-Atlas Preservation

Pry Bar Aluminium, with Pinch Point 59"

Able to withstand high breaking loads. The bent point prevents you trapping your fingers close to the floor.

  • Manufactured in "Aerospace aluminum" for high strength and less flexing.

  • Aluminum pry bars are lighter and easier to work with, especially when working at shoulder height.

  • An aluminum tool does not rust, and has a better resistance to cold.

  • It can be bent about three times as much as a steel tool without being deformed.

  • The tip is made of hardened steel ‘SB-27’ and will therefore last for a long time.

  • Length: 1500 mm (59 inches)
    Weight: 3200 g (7 lbs)