4 day Workshop

Preservation of Gravestones and Cemetery Monuments
Instructor: Jon Appell

This four-day course will focus specifically upon aspects of gravestones and cemetery monument preservation. Topics include condition assessment and documentation, and explanation of proper tools and materials. Demonstrations and course exercises will include resetting of stones, repair techniques, and the selection of appropriate cleaning methods, including the application of stone poultice to remove in ground staining.
The course offers hands-on and demonstrated techniques: A basic overhead stone lifting tripod will be constructed and employed to raise large fallen and or severely leaning monuments which are too heavy to lift by hand. Joining and setting of monuments will be performed. Composite stone in-fill materials will be discussed and applied to a variety of substrates. Pigments will be used to modify and create a color match for a mortar in-fill. Injection grout will be used to in-fill small cracks and voids to help prevent freeze- thaw damage. A replacement base will be cast out of concrete, in order to repair a gravestone fractured at or below the ground surface. After the concrete has cured the tablet stone will be re-set into a socket base employing a historic pointing mortar. The consolidation of a marble gravestone will be performed to strengthen the stone, and help prevent future degradation.


Campbell Center for Historic Preservation
203 East Seminary
Mount Carroll, IL
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