Services Provided




Over the last 25+ years Jonathan Appell has worked in nearly every aspect of cemeteries and graveyards, providing him with a unique understanding of both the subteranian and visible elements. Services provided include:

  • Preservation planning (may be as simple as a free walk through tour of the grounds, or a complex written plan may be drafted)
  • Condition assessment (individual stone survey)
  • Risk assessment (locate hazardous gravestones & monuments)

  • Training workshops, (available at your cemetery)

  • Cleaning of sculpture, gravestones, and monuments

  • Reset leaning gravestones
  • Conservation, (repair) of broken and fallen gravestones and monuments

  • Replacement of lost stone or stone elements with custom restoration mortars


  • Releveling of large monumental works in-situ, (often without heavy equipment)

  • Re-pointing & reconstructing of brick and built masonry structures


  • Stone strengthening, (consolidation of decay to weak or fragile gravestone & masonry)